BehnienAfter Starplus’s show Kaali ended Nia Sharma was seen playing a cameo in yet another show of the same channel named ‘Behenein’.

Her character Nisha was that of a modern young girl who seemed to be a spoiled brat, a pampered kid but who deep down inside craved for love.

The character had some grey shades with Nisha been someone who got everything that she asked for and as a result ended up creating havoc if anything did not go her way!!

It was a brave move on Nia’s part to select a role with grey shades for her second venture in TV where there is always the danger of getting typecasted in an image and one must admit that she played the character of Nisha very convincingly.

Though the character had less time span over screen but Nia proved her versatility as an actress.

Indian Television has very few versatile, actresses who can enact each and every character they play with such ease and conviction and Nia sharma indeed is truly one such blessed, versatile and talented actress!!!!