Jamai Raja

jamai RajaAnd Nia returned back with a bang as ‘Roshni ‘in Jamai Raja after Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. Jamai Raja is Nia’s third big show that took off on 4th August 2014 which is currently on air on Zee TV. In the daily soap, Nia plays the role of a stylish sophisticated, modern aged girl – Roshni Patel who is the daughter of the well-recognized jewellery designer, Ms. Durga Devi Patel. Inspite of holding modern traits, Roshni’s character is very innocent, homely, naïve, loving and a very caring person. She runs an NGO for the poor children and gives least importance to materialist wealth in life. The prime concern of the story is the longing /yearning of love from her mother who has absolutely no time for her. Roshni holds strict dislike toward rich people whom she believes to be heartless because her mother gives more importance to money than her. Roshni is extremely endearing and lovable. Nia’s stylish attires and looks make the character of Roshni very vibrant and have been appreciated a lot in this show.

Roshni is most loved among everyone but deprived of love in her life by her mother and that is the biggest pain she holds in heart. She falls in love with Siddharth and gets married against her mother’s wish. The story focuses on the trial and tribunals of Roshni’s life and complex bond she and her mother share. Roshni constantly strives to receive her mother’s attention. Siddharth, Roshni’s husband takes an oath to get her that lost love back in her life. Serial Jamai Raja has managed to gain a good viewership in a short span. Here we wish Jamai Raja all the best and we pray it continues to entertain the audience. We also wish Nia continues receiving more love and appreciation by all.